Quick Start

How to Bridge ETH to Orb3 Chain

  1. Preparation:

    • Ensure you have a compatible wallet with ETH.

    • Understand the minimum ETH requirement for bridging (0.01 ETH).

  2. Connecting to Orb3 Mainnet:

  3. Understanding Orb3 Network Contracts:

    • Rollup, Inbox, Outbox, and Bridge Contract addresses.

    • Token Bridge Contracts for L3 Custom Gateway and L3 WETH Gateway.

  4. Steps to Bridge ETH:

    • Ensure the use of native ETH (not Wrapped ETH).

    • Send a minimum of 0.01 ETH to the specified bridging address: 0xD5AaC30d167B721Afc53EDb33e741CA350306679.

    • Wait for up to 5 minutes for the transaction to proceed.

  5. Post-Bridging Steps:

    • Confirm the transaction on the Orb3 blockchain using Orb3scan.

    • Explore and engage with the Orb3 ecosystem.

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