🔑 Key (NFT-based): The Orb3 Sentry License Key

The Sentry License Key in the Orb3 network is a distinctive, non-fungible token (NFT) that plays a critical role in operating a Sentry Node. This NFT serves as more than just a digital asset; it's a proof of eligibility and a gateway to participating actively in the Orb3 ecosystem.

Minting and Operation:

  • Minting the Sentry License Key: To obtain a Sentry License Key, operators must send the correct amount of Ether. The price for minting this NFT is based on an increasing threshold system, reflecting its value and importance in the network 💰.

  • Role in Node Operation: Possessing a Sentry License Key is mandatory for any node wishing to submit claims and receive rewards within the Orb3 network. It validates the node's participation and contribution to the network's integrity 🌐.

Integration with the Referee Contract:

  • Assertion Submission: When a node submits an assertion to a challenge, it must provide its Sentry License ID. The Referee contract verifies the validity of the Sentry License and checks if the node is either the owner or an approved operator of the license 📝.

  • Claiming Rewards: The Sentry License is also instrumental when claiming rewards for successful assertions. The Referee contract ensures that the license owner has passed KYC and that the assertion is valid for a payout. Upon meeting these conditions, rewards are disbursed to the license owner 💰.

A Key Component in Orb3:

  • The Sentry License Key is integral to regulating the operation of Sentry Nodes, ensuring the proper submission of assertions, and overseeing the fair distribution of rewards in the Orb3 network.

  • This NFT-based license embodies the intersection of blockchain technology and network governance, making it a cornerstone of the Orb3 network's functionality and security.

In essence, the Sentry License Key in Orb3 is more than just a token; it's a symbol of commitment and capability within the network, empowering operators to contribute meaningfully while gaining rewards for their participation.

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