Testnet FAQ's

🔍 Orb3 Testnet FAQ: Guiding Your Testnet Journey

Q: How do I add the Orb3 chain to my wallet?

  • Metamask Browser Extension Wallet:

    • From your wallet's homepage, click on the network selector (top left), then choose 'Add network'.

    • In the new tab, at the bottom of the network list, select 'Add network manually'.

    • Fill in these parameters:

      • Network Name: Orb3 Testnet

      • RPC URL: https://testnet.orb3-chain.net/rpc

      • Chain ID: 1627454953838939

      • Currency Symbol: GETH

      • Block Explorer URL: https://testnet-explorer.orb3-chain.net

    • Click 'Save' to add the network.

  • Coinbase Browser Extension Wallet:

    • Click on 'Settings' (bottom right) from your wallet's homepage.

    • Scroll to 'Networks' and click on it.

    • Tap the 'Plus (+)' icon (top right) to add a custom network.

    • Enter the same parameters as for Metamask.

    • Click 'Save' to add the network.

Q: Is there a block explorer on Orb3 Testnet?

  • Currently, Orb3 uses a specific block explorer for the testnet. Users can visit https://testnet-explorer.orb3-chain.net and enter the transaction ID for tracking. Discussions are ongoing to expand explorer support in the future.

Q: What is the gas token on Orb3 Testnet?

  • The gas token on the Orb3 Testnet is Georli ETH or GETH.

Q: How do I get Orb3 Georli ETH (GETH)?

  • To obtain Orb3 Georli ETH, you will need to bridge Goerli ETH from either Goerli or Arbitrum Goerli.

  • Follow the detailed instructions provided in the bridging section to acquire GETH for use on the Orb3 Testnet.

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