Selling NFT's

Sell Your NFT Creations on NFT.Orb3

Empower Your Artistic Ventures

Listing and selling your NFT creations on OpenZoo is a seamless process on NFT.Orb3. Enjoy the following features:

  1. Instant Purchases and Resales: Once listed, your NFTs can be instantly purchased and resold by users across the platform.

  2. User-Friendly Environment: OpenZoo provides a secure and user-friendly environment for selling NFTs at minimal costs.

  3. Customization Options: Set various options for your NFT, including pricing, auction availability, reserve price, and more.

  4. Royalties for Creators: Activate the "Royalties" option when creating an NFT to receive a percentage of secondary market sales automatically. This feature ensures creators are rewarded for resales.

  5. Trade with $ORB3 Tokens: Users can utilize $ORB3 tokens for trading on NFT.Orb3, enhancing the accessibility and utility of the platform.

Empower your artistic ventures and engage with the vibrant NFT marketplace on NFT.Orb3!

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