Prize Categories

Celebrating Excellence in Blockchain Innovation

The Orb3 Blockchain Innovation Challenge is not only a platform for showcasing your skills but also an opportunity to be rewarded for your exceptional work. We have designed a range of prize categories to honor the creativity, technical prowess, and real-world impact of your projects.

Monetary Rewards

  • First Place: $3,000 in ETH on the Orb3 blockchain.

  • Second Place: $2,000 in ETH on the Orb3 blockchain.

  • Third Place: $1,500 in ETH on the Orb3 blockchain.

  • Fourth Place: $1,000 in ETH on the Orb3 blockchain.

Each of these prizes is designed to acknowledge the hard work, dedication, and innovation that goes into creating standout blockchain projects.

Special Recognition Awards

In addition to the main prizes, we have special awards to celebrate specific accomplishments:

  • Best Innovation Award: For the team that showcases the most innovative use of blockchain technology.

  • Best Real-World Application: For the project that offers a practical, impactful solution addressing real-world challenges.

  • Community Choice Award: Decided by the Orb3 community, this prize goes to the most popular project as voted by your peers.

  • Most Promising Startup Potential: For a project demonstrating significant commercial viability and potential for future growth.

  • Best Design and User Experience: Recognizing a project that excels in user interface design and overall user experience.

Nurturing Future Success

These prizes represent our commitment to fostering talent and innovation in the blockchain space. Winning a prize or receiving a special recognition can be a stepping stone to further opportunities, such as mentorship, investment, and partnership within the Orb3 ecosystem.

A Platform for Growth and Recognition

We believe every participant brings unique value to this challenge. While the prizes are a token of appreciation for your hard work, the true reward lies in the skills you develop, the connections you make, and the impact your project could have on the blockchain world.

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