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Dive Into the Orb3 MainNet & Testnet Experience 🥁

The Orb3 MainNet & Testnet are a crucial phase in our journey, providing an opportunity for community members to actively participate in refining and strengthening the Orb3 blockchain. Your involvement is not just beneficial for the network's development but can also be a fast track towards achieving Vanguard status.

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ORB3 Test



Testnet Activities and Contributions:

  • Comprehensive Testing: The Orb3 Testnet is designed to undergo rigorous stress-testing. By participating in various activities, you play a vital role in ensuring the robustness and reliability of the network 🛠️.

  • Task Variety: Start with fundamental tasks such as creating and connecting a wallet, and gradually progress to more advanced and immersive web3 gaming experiences 🎮.

  • Access a variety of resources, documentation, and tools specifically tailored for developers engaged in the Orb3 Testnet. These resources are designed to streamline your development process and enhance your contributions to the network 🖥️.

Embrace this opportunity to be at the forefront of the Orb3 blockchain evolution and contribute to shaping a more robust, user-friendly, and exciting web3 gaming ecosystem.

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