Basic Concepts

🛠 Understanding the Technology

Nitro: The Core of Orb3

  • All chains in the Arbitrum ecosystem, including Orb3, are built on Arbitrum Nitro, the foundational technology underpinning the entire network 🌐.

  • Nitro utilizes a variant of WebAssembly for its underlying VM for fraud proofs, ensuring robust security and efficiency.

  • For an in-depth understanding of Nitro, readers are encouraged to explore detailed resources available 📚.

Anytrust: A Unique Protocol

  • Orb3 utilizes the Arbitrum Anytrust protocol, which manages data availability with a selected set of parties 🤝.

  • This protocol reduces transaction costs by introducing an additional trust layer for data availability, as opposed to Ethereum's standard mechanism.

Arbitrum Layer2s: Diverse Chain Options

  • Orb3 is an example of an AnyTrust chain, offering an alternative to purely trustless and more L1-gas intensive chains ⛓️.

  • Both trust-based and trustless options are built on the Nitro foundation, providing flexibility and choice.

Orbit Chains: Customized Blockchain Solutions

  • With Arbitrum Orbit, third parties can create their own self-managed Arbitrum Rollup and AnyTrust chains 🛠️.

  • Orb3 leverages both Rollup and AnyTrust technologies for optimal flexibility in its architecture.

  • As with all chains in the Arbitrum ecosystem, Orb3 is built on the Nitro framework.

Orb3 Summary: A Strategic Gaming Initiative

  • Orb3 operates as an Arbitrum Orbit chain, using Anytrust technology for speed and cost-efficiency 🚀.

  • Unlike typical self-managed Orbit chains, Orb3 receives direct technical support from Offchain Labs, a significant advantage 🛠️.

  • Overseen by the Orb3 Foundation, with Offchain Labs providing technical assistance, Orb3 stands out with a canonical bridge within the Arbitrum ecosystem.

  • Unique enhancements include higher gas and contract limits, making Orb3 an ideal platform for ambitious blockchain game development and gameplay 🎮.

  • Orb3 features its own custom gas fee token, “ORB3,” tailored to its ecosystem's specific needs and operations 💎.

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