The Financial Backbone of Orb3

The Orb3 network and its expansive ecosystem employ a unique dual-token model, utilizing ORB3 and esORB3 (escrowed ORB3) to maintain balance and integrity within the system.

  • ORB3 Token: Serves as the primary currency within the Orb3 ecosystem, facilitating transactions, rewarding validators, and acting as the main medium of exchange for in-game items and services 🌐.

  • esORB3 (Escrowed ORB3): This variant of the ORB3 token is designed for specific use cases within the ecosystem. It provides a mechanism for staking, governance, and other special functions, ensuring a stable and secure economic environment 🔐.

This dual-token approach is strategically designed to harmonize the various elements of the Orb3 ecosystem, ensuring fluidity in transactions and interactions while upholding the network's overall economic health and stability.

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