NFT Collections on NFT.Orb3

Create Your Collection

Creating an NFT collection is a pivotal aspect of NFT.Orb3, providing a platform for limitless artistic expression and marketing initiatives. A collection can revolve around a personal universe, offering variations in subjects, and serving as a focal point for global attention. Successful collections often cultivate active social media communities and draw the interest of investors.

Choose between a Single Token Collection (WRC-721) and a Multi-Token Collection (WRC-1155) based on whether you prefer uniqueness or multiple copies within the collection. Personalize your collection by editing details such as name, image, description, and more. This step is essential before minting NFTs.

Browse Existing Collections

Explore a myriad of user-created collections on NFT.Orb3. Each collection card provides comprehensive details, showcasing the collection type (WRC-721 or WRC-1155), selected categories, the count of minted NFTs, and the current number of owners. Immerse yourself in the diverse world of NFT collections within the OpenZoo ecosystem.

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