Emissions & Burning

🌟 ORB3 & esORB3 Emissions & Burning: Balancing the Ecosystem

The combined Maximum Total Supply of ORB3 and esORB3 tokens is capped at 2.5 billion. This cap ensures a controlled and sustainable token economy within the Orb3 ecosystem.

  • Total Supply: Refers to the total amount of ORB3 and esORB3 in existence at any given time, inclusive of both locked and unlocked tokens 📊.

  • Circulating Supply: Represents the total amount of ORB3 and esORB3 that is unlocked and in circulation, excluding any tokens that are still locked 🔒.

  • Burning Mechanism:

    • All gas fees within the Orb3 ecosystem are paid in ORB3 and are subsequently burnt, reducing the total supply of ORB3 🔥.

    • The burning of esORB3 also occurs during the redemption process, depending on user actions.

Dynamic Emissions of esORB3:

  • The daily emission rate of esORB3 is dynamic and depends on the combined Total Supply of ORB3 and esORB3 🌐.

  • esORB3 emissions automatically halve when key Total Supply thresholds are reached, creating a self-regulating supply mechanism ⚖️.

  • Conversely, if Total Supply decreases below a certain threshold due to burning, the emission rate of esORB3 can increase to meet demand.

Emission Tranches and Reductions:

  • As the Total Supply reaches specific fractions of the Maximum Total Supply, daily emissions begin to decrease incrementally 📉.

  • This reduction continues as the Total Supply grows, with predefined tranches determining the new emission rates.

Allocation of esORB3 Emissions:

  • 85% of esORB3 emissions support Sentry node operations, crucial for maintaining network integrity and performance 🛡️.

  • The remaining 15% is allocated to a gas subsidy node, aiding in creating a gasless experience for players and potentially increasing transaction volume on the chain 🚀.

This emissions and burning framework for ORB3 and esORB3 is designed to maintain a balanced, efficient, and sustainable token economy within the Orb3 ecosystem, supporting both network operations and user engagement.

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