🚀 Orb3 Protocol Roadmap: A Journey Through Key Milestones

Orb3's roadmap is a testament to its evolving ecosystem, filled with significant milestones and community-centric events. Here's the updated roadmap, starting from December:

1. Sentry Node Launch - December 🗓ī¸:

  • Availability of Sentry Node Keys: In December, Sentry Node Keys will be available for purchase, inviting the community to contribute to the network's security 🛡ī¸.

  • Testnet to Mainnet Transition: Initially, Sentry Nodes will operate on the testnet, accumulating esOrb3. With the mainnet launch, these nodes will smoothly transition, ensuring compatibility with all esOrb3 tokens 🔄.

2. Token Generation Event (TGE) - January 🌟:

  • Orb3 TGE and Token Listing: The Orb3 Token Generation Event is scheduled for January, coinciding with its listing on either a Centralized Exchange (CEX) or Decentralized Exchange (DEX). Note, this date is tentative and dependent on third-party exchange listings 📈.

3. Mainnet Launch - January 🌐:

  • Kickstarting the Orb3 Ecosystem: The mainnet launch will introduce Orb3 Redemptions, esOrb3 staking, and the debut of the network's first game, "Final Form" 🎮.

4. Orb3 Redemptions - January đŸ’Ģ:

  • Redeem esOrb3 for Orb3: Post-TGE, holders of esOrb3 will have the opportunity to redeem their tokens for fully transferable Orb3, adding liquidity and flexibility for users 💰.

5. Staking - January ⚙ī¸:

  • Unlocking Staking Opportunities: Following the mainnet launch, staking options for esOrb3 will become available, offering a range of benefits to token holders 🔐.

6. Final Form Launch - February 🎴:

  • Orb3's First Gaming Venture: "Final Form," a fully on-chain trading card game, will launch post-mainnet, marking Orb3's entry into the realm of blockchain gaming 🕹ī¸.

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