Reducing Costs

🔍 Reducing Costs in Orb3 through Trust Assumptions

Orb3's integration with the Arbitrum protocol and AnyTrust technology brings a significant reduction in operational costs, a crucial aspect in the world of blockchain technology.

Core Principle of the Arbitrum Protocol:

  • Data Access Necessity: In the Arbitrum protocol, all nodes, including validators, must have access to every Layer 2 (L2) transaction data within the Arbitrum chain's inbox. This is essential for verifying the chain's correctness and staking on accurate results.

  • Traditional Data Access Approach: Traditionally, Arbitrum rollups ensure data access by posting data on Layer 1 (L1) Ethereum as calldata. However, this process incurs substantial Ethereum gas fees, representing the primary cost component in Arbitrum.

Introduction of AnyTrust:

  • The Data Availability Committee: AnyTrust introduces a significant shift by entrusting data storage and provision to an external entity known as the Data Availability Committee ("the Committee").

  • Composition and Trust Assumption: The Committee is composed of 'N' members. The trust assumption underlying this system is that at least two members are always honest. This assumption is pivotal for ensuring data availability and the rollup protocol's proper functioning.

Working of the Trust Assumption:

  • Data Availability Guarantee: Despite 'N-1' Committee members promising data access, the presence of at least one honest entity guarantees the data's availability up to a specified expiration time. This setup reduces the reliance on posting all data on L1, thereby cutting down on Ethereum gas fees.

  • Enhanced Efficiency and Cost Reduction: By shifting data storage to the Committee and leveraging this trust assumption, Orb3 effectively reduces its operational costs without compromising on data availability and security.

In summary, the strategic trust assumptions in Orb3, facilitated through AnyTrust and the Data Availability Committee, result in substantial cost reductions. This innovative approach ensures data availability and integrity, making the Orb3 network more efficient and accessible.

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